Dr Geoffrey Macdonald Knight

Dr Geoff Knight is a general dentist and internationally noted dental speaker with special interests in Minimal Intervention Aesthetic Dentistry.

He has pioneered a number of innovative clinical procedures in aesthetic dentistry and the pharmacological management of caries. He has consulted widely across the dental industry and is named on several patents.

He has been published in Quintessence International, Australian Dental Journal and Journal of Periodontal Research. He has produced a series of clinical videos and written numerous articles on aesthetic and adhesive dentistry that have been translated and published internationally in a number of languages



Licentiate of Dental Surgery, L.D.S., 1968

Bachelor of Dental Science, B.D.Sc., 1969
University of Melbourne

Master of Science, M.Sc., 1972
University of London

Master of Business Administration, MBA, 1985
University of Melbourne
FICD 1997
FADI 2007

Doctor of Philosophy, PhD 2008
University of Adelaide

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